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Relocation, Business Integration and Real Estate Investment can be a complex issue, however, with carefully selected management and thought as well as the right consultation the process can provide real opportunities for Real Estate investors to achieve the right returns and goals. It is exactly in this expertise area where AWellmann Group will deliver value to you by getting you started in the right way.

As our client, you will be at liberty to delegate as much or as little of the day to day project responsibility to the assigned and identified team as you wish. Our principal objective is to provide you with a quality single point of reference at the very beginning of the project and to help co-ordinate the start of the various parties and functions required to achieve a successful outcome. We can select the right Project Managers for you and all communication concerning the project would typically be channelled thereafter through the appointed management team to ensure that they are fully aware of and can direct all aspects that influence the success of the project for you.

It is important that a key point of contact is agreed within your organisation for the project in order that all strategic decisions affecting your investment and work requirements are processed and monitored through a clear point of reference and authority. Within the then nominated team which we will help to shape and create, we would assign a Lead Director as principal point of Client contact. The project team would be assembled to suit the particular nature of the project and could include designers, space planners or cost consultants.

At the Outset of any Real Estate Investment the clear definition of roles and responsibilities is essential within the project team, together with early definition of project parameters including cost, programme and quality. There is a need for careful co-ordination of the interfaces between the various parties involved and suitable templates carried out meticulously within the communication roles which I would advise on as well.

As the instrumental advisor, our role would be to assist you in the creation of a professional project team and communication framework appropriate to fulfil the specialists needs of your property investment.